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Your wedding is supposed to be a celebration of your lives becoming one and as an expression of your personality as a couple. Too often today, weddings become an excuse to show off and show up. Brides become ‘bridezillas’ in the pursuit of the ‘perfect’ things. Grooms end up feeling rejected by their fiancĂ©es and detached from the wedding. The stress of the entire affair causes rifts in previously solid relationships.
The key to getting through a wedding planning is staying true to yourselves. Do not fall as a victim to the pressures of tradition, family and friends. Remember it is YOUR wedding, YOUR special day for you to share with friends and family and not just a dog and pony show. Why drive all over looking at unity candles if you don’t want unity candles? Spend that time out on a date with your intended instead! Don’t invite people if it is only out of obligation. Don’t watch reality television shows about weddings and become fixated on an almost unobtainable ideal. Talk openly and honestly with your partner about what you both want. Set goals together and stick to them. By helping each other stay realistic and grounded you can both get through the planning of your wedding with your sanity, your pocketbook, and your relationship intact.