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Have you already chosen your honeymoon destination? A lot of money goes into the making of a wedding and the honeymoon can form a significant part of that cost. Booking that luxury castle venue and then jetting off for the Great Barrier Reef may be an option for some but not everyone has money these days to pick unusual and extravagant holiday destinations.

Pick a destination that is right for you; pick somewhere that has some significance to your love. It might even be a local destination where you first met and simply visiting there again could bring back those memorable first times that you spent together. Consider how passionate you are with one another.

Do you want a honeymoon that will involve lots of sightseeing and unique locations? Will you miss out on time spent with one another because you spent long days walking through museums leaving you both tired at the end of the day?

Take some extra time when choosing your honeymoon destination and those magical memories will be even more fondly looked at as you grow old together.


As a bride, you know your wedding is ‘your special day’. If ever there is a day when it is all about you (and your husband-to-be, of course!), it is this one.

The answer is simple enough. The day is not about you or your gift or anybody’s gift. The wedding day is about your friend and her new husband. The gift that a bridesmaid must give to her friend should reflect the happiness of the moment being cherished. That is what she expects from you. The gift needs to be personal and has to have a significant value. It needs to be well thought out ahead of time because the bride will absolutely notice it if it is not. She needs to feel as though you understand her and that you are deeply and sincerely happy for her on her marvelous day.

That is the key to the perfect bridesmaid gift.

There is a great controversy as to whether couples bridal showers are a good idea. On the one hand, the couples shower gives the groom the opportunity to be involved in all aspects of the wedding process.

On the side note, in my experience, most grooms can think of few places they would rather be less than a bridal shower. The traditional bridal shower is not a place for the groom. Few men want to play couples bingo or ‘how well do you know your bride’ in a room full of his friends and family. That being said, more and more often modern, sophisticated couple’s showers are being held by the couple themselves at times and locations that better suit the wants and needs of both bride and groom. When done in this way, a couple’s shower can be a great opportunity to get a groom involved in something that he might ordinarily not want to be.

When held in a way that both bride and groom, as well as both their male and female guests can enjoy, a couples shower is by far the better decision. Just as long as there is no ‘pin the tail on the groom.’

If you are looking to host a couple’s bridal shower, here are some helpful hints to get you started and to make sure things go as smoothly as possible:

1. Always get opinions and input from the bride and groom. Ask for their input on such things as a guest list; this will make sure important people in the couples lives will be there.

2. Choose a location that can hold the number of people you attend to invite with no complications. Make sure they will be flexible enough to allow for any extra guests that may pop up on the list.

3. Decide whether or not to play games at the couple’s bridal shower. If you do, choose something that the men in attendance will not find too corny.

4. Choose a theme that will also make the men attending feel comfortable.

5. Try to limit the shower to around two hours. Always include a starting and ending time on your invitations so people know what to expect.

6. Plan a menu and choose foods that most people would enjoy. Better choose less elegant foods.

7. Select the date that would work for most engaged couples; Friday or Saturday nights would work better than a weeknight. Sundays would also probably work too.

Weddings are full of hidden costs that can add up fast. Spending on things like flowers, catering, and wedding favors can quickly spiral out of control. Buying pre-packaged wedding favors is a sure way to spend a lot of money in a hurry. But let’s be honest, no one is coming to the wedding for the party favors, they’re coming because they want to see someone they really care about on the happiest day of their life.

One option is to forego wedding favors entirely. No one will notice the absence, and in the extremely unlikely case that they do, they’re probably not going to care.

Another alternative is to make simple wedding favors yourself. Handcrafted gifts for your guest show that you care in a way that mast produced consumer junk never will. One simple idea is to package affordable but elegant candy (say, candy-coated almonds), in hand cut lace. Tie a little bow with a ribbon, and voila! A wedding favor is born.

Perhaps the calmest and least stressful event leading up to getting married is the bridal shower.

While the bride and groom are stressing over everything from what to wear, who to invite, and what venue to select, to what to serve, bridal showers are generally planned by friends or family. The only thing that the bride needs to do is to show up – and get lots of presents.

Bridal showers are usually great fun, and the tradition has not changed much over the years. People tell great stories, share legends, laugh a lot, “ooooooo” and “aaaaaaah” is a great deal as gifts are opened, and give the bride the presents she and her husband-to-be listed with their favorite stores. That’s the main downside. The bride can look at her wedding/shower registry and see how many place settings of her silver, or how many serving bowls or waffle makers have been purchased, and then have a good idea about what she’ll be given at her bridal shower.

However, if you measure taking the surprise out against not getting gifts, most brides will take gifts anytime.

A perfect time to have the beach wedding would be at sunset so all the beautiful colors in the sky could add to the romance that is shared by the couple. The atmosphere of the beach in general is just really romantic and would add to the wedding as a whole, assuming it’s a clean beach.

A great idea for a beach wedding would be to have the bride and groom dressed in really unique bathing suits that would be equal to that of a tuxedo or dress. Then if you could, somehow have a turtle be the ring bearer and bring the ring down the “isle.” It might take a while, but it would be really memorable.

Then after the couples complete their vows they could take a dip in the ocean. I mean they wouldn’t have had their wedding at a beach if they didn’t want to get in the water, right?