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Many include losing a few pounds or spending less money in their new year’s resolutions.  Some single ladies add these to their dating new year’s resolutions:

1. Step out of my comfort zone. Yes, you cannot meet Mr. Right without leaving your comfortable TV couch. You have to go out and meet new people. Step out of your comfort zone and welcome new adventures.

2. Love myself first. That’s right. You have to appreciate yourself first before anyone can do the same. Don’t hate yourself for not having a perfect figure but rather focus on your best assets.
3. Broaden my dating selection. Don’t settle for the first guy who asked you out just because you think you’re left with no other choice. There are a lot of nice guys and they’re everywhere!
4. Date outside my type. You’re single, why then are you limiting your dating choices? Try dating someone outside your type for a change. He just might be the one you’re looking for all along
5. . Slow down. If you’re the type that moves from one date to another, then better slow down. You may be rushing things and you might pass by Mr. Right without even noticing.


Online dating after 40 can be a fun and exhilarating experience. Brace yourself for an exciting adventure! Here are a few tips to keep you safe and on track:

1. Protect your private information. Never give out too much personal details. Do not post your home phone number and home address.
2. When meeting for the first time, make sure you meet your date in a public place.
3. Always ask for recent photos; some people still post their younger photos on their profiles.
4. Always be respectful of others. Follow the golden rule. Don’t just disappear when chatting with someone online. Always politely end the conversation.
5. Always be truthful and honest. Do not lie about your age, your photo, your work, or your social status. If you’re looking for a relationship then do not build it on lies.
6. Be careful and learn to identify and avoid married individuals. Yes, there are married people in online dating sites pretending to be single and available. If you think someone is hiding something then he/she must be married so avoid him/her at all costs.
7. Trust your instincts.

Your first date’s coming soon and you simply don’t want to mess it up. It’s after all an opportunity to show your best self.

Make sure you arrive on time. Being late on a date is always annoying especially if it’s the first time. Make a good first impression by not letting your date wait. Plan ahead and give allowance for traffic delays and detours.

Make the conversation fun and casual. Don’t discuss about politics, religion and other sensitive stuff. Practice your good sense of humor. Have a good laugh, relax and enjoy your date’s company. Even if you feel that you’re not that much compatible, value the friendship still.

Be polite. A rude behavior is unacceptable. Treat your date well just as you would prefer to be treated. Focus your attention on your date, listen and take part in conversation. Do not ignore your date just because he or she doesn’t turn out to be someone you really like.

End your date in respectable style. Do not lie about calling your date soon when you actually don’t intend to do so. Be thoughtful and tell your date you had a great time but again, be honest and don’t give your date false hope.

Going out on a first date may make you feel too excited and nervous at the same time. Here are some first date don’ts to guide you on the big day.

Don’t pretend to be someone you’re not. Lying about your work, your social status, interests and stuff will only cause you big trouble in the future, should you continue dating. Always be truthful about yourself. This way, your date will get to know you for who you are and will appreciate the real you and not some imaginary individual you both actually don’t know.

Don’t talk about exes and past relationships. Please, just don’t. Even if you feel the need to express your strong negative feelings about an ex, your present date will find it very awkward and annoying. Your focus should be on your date who can potentially become your future partner.

Don’t expect to have sex on the first date. Even if you find your date too physically irresistible, do not attempt to get them to bed after the first date. Take time to get to know each other better.

When going out on a first date, it is understandable that one may feel jittery. Being nerve-wracked, however, isn’t an excuse to forget about first date etiquette. Here are a few first date dos.

Observe proper grooming. You want to make a great first impression so dress up for the occasion. Wear clean clothes and look presentable. You don’t want to embarrass your date in public.

Give compliments. Your date exerted much effort in looking their best for you so be thoughtful and compliment them for the way they dress, look or smile. Always have nice things to say.

Focus and make eye-contact. Look your date in the eye and engage in friendly conversation. Make it a fun and enjoyable time for both of you.

Treat your date with respect. Make your date feel important. Don’t be too flirty and aggressive. There is no excuse for rude manners and improper behavior.

Now that you’ve successfully gotten her sweet yes on a first date, it’s time that you remind yourself about dating etiquette essentials so that your first date won’t definitely be the last.

Be clean and presentable at all times. Pick a clean and classy outfit and make sure you smell good, most especially on a first date. Looking your best says a lot of things about you. One of them is showing your date respect because you value that she likewise put great effort in looking her best for you.

Pick her up and drive her home. You asked her out and she said yes. It’s only fitting that you be a gentleman and pick her up on time and drive her home safely afterwards.

Hold the door open and hold her chair. These are chivalrous gestures you must do if you want to impress her on your first date. You, of course, have to be sincere when doing so. Don’t overdo the act.

Turn off your mobile phone. Turn off your other gadgets that may interrupt your date at any point as well. Talking on the phone or texting while having dinner with your date is very, very rude.

Pay the bill. To avoid awkward moments when paying the bill, it is better to give your credit card to the waiter prior to ordering, but do so in a discreet manner.

When was the last time you went on a real vacation with your spouse? This new year, add some spice to your romance by traveling together!

Pick a new and interesting destination where you and your spouse can have the time of your lives! Be adventurous and indulge in an exciting and different culture. Try their exotic cuisine and visit their romantic spots. You can even learn a local sport or hobby. Find time to do this on a weekend so you can spend more time together.

Plan your trip together. Don’t just do all the planning. Outline your itinerary and don’t forget to include intimate moments in your plan. This way you’ll have something really romantic to look forward to!

These little romantic getaways will definitely boost your love life so commit yourselves to take at least 2 of these relaxing vacations every three months, or better yet at least once in a month. Have a happy love life this 2011!