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Probably the most accepted color for ladies underwear is the color flesh due to practical reasons. Bright colored ladies nightgown alternatively, is the best alternative if you’re going for that sexy impression and allure.
Many lingerie stores offer the black and white ladies nightgown collection. If you prefer the basic colors, the best option would be the ones that have the shades of jewel, sapphire, or scarlet.
Probably the most unpopular choice of shade for nightgowns in women is the color red. Despite its low popularity, this shade can create a noticeable effect on whoever puts it on. If you decide to come out and feel a bit bolder than normal, the red lace nightgown is the best way to go.
One of the sexiest colors most women view is pink. However, this shade may not be fitting for all skin tones and hair color. Blondes, for example, might have a hard time blending with this color. This color looks great on brunettes.
If you want some European charm, then there’s no better option than the black lace nightgown. Adding a shade of light pink is a great option for a more chic look. In whatever color you opt to pick, it is important to think about what really looks good on you. It’s typically the different color combination that steers a man’s imagination.

Be wise in choosing the best ladies nightgown or the sexy lingerie that suits you and feel you more sexier.