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You need to get things for valentines. Ok, you are maybe sick of the same-old-stuff. But many women are extremely classically romantic. They may appreciate a pair of hiking boots or a simple home made card. But with romance novels being many women’s reading choice I am thinking the women who is into romance novels wants more time spent. What do I mean by that? Well, instead of a simple gift in a box, dinner and a movie the gifts and experience can be scattered throughout the day. Flowers or even a eCard sent to work to let her know of surprises ahead. If she likes your voice, then phone. After work she can be taken on a simple outing to any romantic place that you think she may like,even maybe a few hours of adventure in a place with a breathtaking view. Once home you can make a home cooked meal and then give her something like a sheer nightgown. She might think you are amazing, or just be tired with sore feat. So bring on the laughs if she is unhappy maybe? Just a thought that might count is OK usually though, I just think it might be nice to think a whole lot and show it!You need to get things for valentines.


I know this sounds cynical, but I have found that the best way to make peace with my husband after a fight is to beg his forgiveness while wearing something sexy. Maybe it is just his personal taste, or maybe it is the way I look in it, or maybe it is universal for a man’s brain to turn off when he sees his wife doing the old fashioned seduction gimmick! Last month it was bill-paying time and me and the hubby got into a huge argument, and I tried this trick. Now, you may have nothing in your closet which fits the bill, as it will take some quite strong stuff to get the desired effect. This was my situation also, but it is an excuse to do a bit of shopping! It is perhaps ironic that a new strapless corset appeared as a line item on our credit card statement the following month, but he didn’t complain… for once.I know this sounds cynical, but I have found that the best way to get over a fight is wearing something sexy. After all, it is what all men loves – seeing their woman in their sexiest clothes.

Is your husband in need some some romance? Check out these 10 ideas for a great Valentine’s Day: 1) Breakfast in bed. Set your alarm a few minutes early, brew some coffee, and bring him breakfast in bed. 2) Write a quick “I love you” on the mirror while he’s in the shower. 3) Tuck a note mentioning specific accomplishments into his briefcase or lunch. Inspire him! 4) Send him out for a guilt-free night with the boys. 5) Cook a special meal for him for dinner. Is he a steak fan? Pick up a nice steak on the way home from work and let him grill it up. Take care of the sides for him. 6) Send the kids to Grandma’s or send them to bed early. This is an evening just for the two of you. 7) Don’t wear your usual flannel pyjamas to bed. Surprise him with a nice bra or sheer chemise. 8) Massages can be incredibly relaxing- consider taking a couples’ massage course so you can both learn! 9) You can never go wrong with a new set of tools or a free class from a hardware store. Make him feel manly! 10) Craft a homemade gift certificate for any of the above! Try any or all of these tips for a great and inexpensive Valentine’s day!

Many women who’ve been in a relationship or married several years no longer take time to buy and wear lingerie. One look in their underwear drawer and you notice that there are a lot of things that have seen better days. Bras and panties are faded and maybe the elastic has stretched out. When new ones are purchased they’re selected for their utilitarian value. This probably was not how their relationship began. Probably they used to dress up, or undress, for their men and the men just loved that. So if your relationship has gotten old, go out lingerie shopping and pick up several pairs of sheer panties and a couple of nightgowns in black and maybe red or other colors that your man prefers. Your relationship will begin to sizzle again because you’ve decided to relax on the comfort at least once in a while and make him feel as he did when you first knew him. It’s worth the effort if you want to keep things fresh and new. It will definitely surprise the man who’s been used to seeing you in the same old underwear and nightclothes.