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Probably the most accepted color for ladies underwear is the color flesh due to practical reasons. Bright colored ladies nightgown alternatively, is the best alternative if you’re going for that sexy impression and allure.
Many lingerie stores offer the black and white ladies nightgown collection. If you prefer the basic colors, the best option would be the ones that have the shades of jewel, sapphire, or scarlet.
Probably the most unpopular choice of shade for nightgowns in women is the color red. Despite its low popularity, this shade can create a noticeable effect on whoever puts it on. If you decide to come out and feel a bit bolder than normal, the red lace nightgown is the best way to go.
One of the sexiest colors most women view is pink. However, this shade may not be fitting for all skin tones and hair color. Blondes, for example, might have a hard time blending with this color. This color looks great on brunettes.
If you want some European charm, then there’s no better option than the black lace nightgown. Adding a shade of light pink is a great option for a more chic look. In whatever color you opt to pick, it is important to think about what really looks good on you. It’s typically the different color combination that steers a man’s imagination.

Be wise in choosing the best ladies nightgown or the sexy lingerie that suits you and feel you more sexier.


There can be no doubt that fashion has evolved in the direction of sheerer, lighter, more like skin, less like architecture. The first nightgowns were developed in the 15th century, after textiles became cheaper and at the very beginning of industrialization. Before that period, most people only had 3 sets of clothing, and sleeping in one’s attire was not unusual. By the 18th century the nascent middle class was developing a nighttime dress code, and only the lowest classes slept in their clothing or naked. The first sheer nightgown appeared on the scene in the 1950s after nylon production resumed for civilian consumption. It is an ironic fact that the war production of nylon goods resulted in overcapacity that was unused until fashion stepped in and called for a vogue of sheer sleepwear in the form of babydolls, negligees and sheer pajamas.There can be no doubt that fashion has evolved.

What woman doesn’t love to flirt? It’s nice to play at sexual innuendos and teasing in a fun way with your mate. It’s also fun to dress up and wear different outfits and pieces of lingerie to entice your mate with. It’s also a lot of fun to go shopping for sexy lingerie. Who doesn’t love looking at all the fishnet stockings and sheer chemises available in a lingerie store? Today’s lingerie comes in so many different styles and colors it’s impossible to choose what you want. A lot of the lingerie items can also be worn as everyday intimate apparel. Chemises come in a lot of soft sexy designs and are perfect to wear with a business suit to make you feel more feminine. You can also wear sexy little panties under your work clothes and no one will know except you. That also adds a little sensual spiciness to your everyday life. With today’s selection of intimates, a woman can feel feminine and flirty anywhere she happens to be.

Sometimes, it can seem like you know everything about your mate, and things have just gotten stale. Trying to find a way to rekindle both of your interest in something can feel like a daunting task, and you may keep putting it off or ignoring the problem. But some hot lingerie might just be a simple solution you can both agree on. Finding something you feel (or your partner feels) comfortable in and is visually appealing for the other may be as easy as just talking about it. Remembering not to judge one another for what you might come up with, talking about what you each find appealing could open up doors you didn’t realize were there. A surprise might be nice, too. Going to the store and picking out what you like will help you have confidence in the outfit, something that’s always attractive. It may be a real treat for both of you to get a little dressed up, whether it’s conventional lingerie or even just something you both think is cute!

I heard a story on the radio this morning about the young Queen Victoria. They were talking about corsets. The actress who was playing the role was joking that to be an English actress, one must wear a corset in the movies at least one. She claimed to be on her third movie with corsets involved and was looking forward to wearing sweatpants soon and giving her ribs a break. When you think about it, imagine having to lace up like that every day, we who have made a fashion statement out of being comfortable. The American woman barely wears control top panty hose, much less anything truly confining. But they were beautiful, those Victorian fashions. I can just picture those great skirts and fabrics and the expanse of shoulders and bust. We’d all like to sweep into a room looking that magnificent at least once, wouldn’t we? I’d take the swashbuckling cavalier too.

So, I went to that lingerie shop, you know the one, looking for sheer stockings. It was my anniversary and even after 15 years, it’s nice to give the guy a thrill now and then. I hadn’t been in a while, so imagine the fun I had in looking at all the different styles. I admit, I was kind of shocked at some of the stuff they are openly selling in the mall. If that makes me old-fashioned, well I guess that’s what I’ll be. I finally settled on a very sheer pair, no seams, no lace, nothing but leg. I tried those on with my little black dress and it was a big hit. Isn’t it funny how those little surprises can enrich a relationship? It’s not like my guy doesn’t see my legs every day, there is just a certain romance in knowing I made the extra effort.

In the quest for the perfect “hourglass shape” women of the past often turned to the simplest solution, the corset. Imagine, no dieting, no exercise, no hunger, but an instant flat tummy! Of course, our modern sensibilities of “instant results” can easily understand the appeal of this 10 second tummy-tuck, but in reality the corset was yet another adherent to the “no pain, no gain” principle. Often made of uncomfortable materials (bone, metal, wood, and eventually plastics), the corset was designed to literally squeeze a woman into shape at any cost. Though their efficacy cannot be denied, the pain that a woman endured to contort her body in this way is not hard to imagine. Anyone who has ever worn a too-tight pair of jeans knows the feeling of a waistband cutting into their hips, one merely needs to extend this principle a bit further up the body and they can begin to sympathize. Even though this brand of vanity was clearly torturous, one can clearly see the links between the tummy tuck of yesteryear and our own obsessions with appearance today. The “quick fix” approach to anything never promised to be painless, and the corset was no exception!