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Honeymoon planning can be very difficult and stressful. There are a few things that can help make the planning less stressful. First, agree on three places you both would like to see. Second, set a budget for your honeymoon. Third, decide when exactly you will be taking your trip. These three steps will make planning a honeymoon fun and inexpensive. The three destination options will allow you to go to the location with the best sale price. Having a budget established will help you to avoid racking up credit card debt. Lastly, knowing when you will be vacationing will greatly help in the planning and booking stages of your honeymoon planning. Finally, once you have completed these steps, the last thing to do is get ready for your wedding and pack your bags for your honeymoon. Make sure to plan some extra romantic activities on your honeymoon as well as overall fun activities that both you and your spouse will enjoy.