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Perhaps the calmest and least stressful event leading up to getting married is the bridal shower.

While the bride and groom are stressing over everything from what to wear, who to invite, and what venue to select, to what to serve, bridal showers are generally planned by friends or family. The only thing that the bride needs to do is to show up – and get lots of presents.

Bridal showers are usually great fun, and the tradition has not changed much over the years. People tell great stories, share legends, laugh a lot, “ooooooo” and “aaaaaaah” is a great deal as gifts are opened, and give the bride the presents she and her husband-to-be listed with their favorite stores. That’s the main downside. The bride can look at her wedding/shower registry and see how many place settings of her silver, or how many serving bowls or waffle makers have been purchased, and then have a good idea about what she’ll be given at her bridal shower.

However, if you measure taking the surprise out against not getting gifts, most brides will take gifts anytime.