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The most important thing when thinking about the budget for a wedding is the word BUDGET. The newspapers and magazines will always be filled with stories about fantastically extravagant weddings that cost a lot of money. Now if you are someone with a limitless budget then this should be something you can consider. However if your budget is tight, then you should consider that you might end up paying for that single day for a long time. Plan what you are going to spend and really shop around to get good deals. There may be perfect locations that can be obtained for a lesser price.

You may know people with access to nice locations, perhaps family members will take on the task of grabbing the bulk of your photos. Think about the food you are going to serve and consider how many people will actually eat. Have you ever been to a wedding and seen loads of food left behind at the end? If that is the case, then there was a waste of money right there!

Remember the day should be special, and the price tag should just be right!