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Weddings are notoriously expensive affairs. In the course of the average person’s life, the wedding is right up there in the three biggest expenditures. It’s no house, but it can sure cost as much as a car.

While the cost of the average wedding approaches $20,000, there’s no need for you to lay out all of that cash that you have just to have a good time. Remember that weddings are not about spending money; they’re about gathering your family and loved ones around as you affirm your devotion to the most important person in your life.

The quickest way to save money is on the guest list. Yes, it would be great if you could invite everyone you have ever met to your wedding, but unless you’re marrying a Rockefeller, you probably can’t afford it. Focus on trimming your list down to close family and your best friends. This will save you money not only on catering, but on other considerations, like the size of the venue.