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Have you already chosen your honeymoon destination? A lot of money goes into the making of a wedding and the honeymoon can form a significant part of that cost. Booking that luxury castle venue and then jetting off for the Great Barrier Reef may be an option for some but not everyone has money these days to pick unusual and extravagant holiday destinations.

Pick a destination that is right for you; pick somewhere that has some significance to your love. It might even be a local destination where you first met and simply visiting there again could bring back those memorable first times that you spent together. Consider how passionate you are with one another.

Do you want a honeymoon that will involve lots of sightseeing and unique locations? Will you miss out on time spent with one another because you spent long days walking through museums leaving you both tired at the end of the day?

Take some extra time when choosing your honeymoon destination and those magical memories will be even more fondly looked at as you grow old together.