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You need to get things for valentines. Ok, you are maybe sick of the same-old-stuff. But many women are extremely classically romantic. They may appreciate a pair of hiking boots or a simple home made card. But with romance novels being many women’s reading choice I am thinking the women who is into romance novels wants more time spent. What do I mean by that? Well, instead of a simple gift in a box, dinner and a movie the gifts and experience can be scattered throughout the day. Flowers or even a eCard sent to work to let her know of surprises ahead. If she likes your voice, then phone. After work she can be taken on a simple outing to any romantic place that you think she may like,even maybe a few hours of adventure in a place with a breathtaking view. Once home you can make a home cooked meal and then give her something like a sheer nightgown. She might think you are amazing, or just be tired with sore feat. So bring on the laughs if she is unhappy maybe? Just a thought that might count is OK usually though, I just think it might be nice to think a whole lot and show it!You need to get things for valentines.