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Outdoor weddings are becoming more popular with modern brides. Set in a park, or even at the backyard, outdoor weddings allow the bride to take advantage of beautiful natural settings. But what are the things a bride should think about when planning her outdoor wedding?

The first consideration any bride should look at is whether there is any shelter in case of rain. Many couples get caught unaware by unpredicted rain storms, and end up scrambling to find a new venue at the last minute.
Another thing to think about is whether everyone will be heard. Many outdoor venues do not have outlets to hook up a sound system, and unlike indoor venues, acoustics can’t be counted on to carry your voice. To make sure that everyone is heard, a couple should speak to their minister to see if a cordless sound system is available for use, that the minister’s voice will be able to carry over the crowd. The couple should also make sure that they speak louder than normal when saying their “I do’s” so that guests in the back can hear.

Finally, a couple should think twice before buying a unity candle for their outdoor wedding. Even a small breeze can turn a unity candle lighting into a comedy show. If a couple must have something to symbolize unity, they should consider sand or wine ceremonies instead.