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Planning a bridal shower is a big task, and there is often confusion as to who is responsible.

Traditionally, the Maid or Matron of Honor should be planning the bridal shower, but today’s brides often have friends and family scattered across the country, and the Maid of Honor may live very far away. In this case, the bride’s family, or even a close friend could plan the shower. It should be someone who is generally organized and responsible, and someone who knows the bride well enough to know who she would and would not want to attend.

Ideally, this person should have attended multiple showers in the past, and possibly have some experience with planning parties. Whoever gets the pleasure of planning the bridal shower, they should keep the bride’s tastes and preferences in mind when deciding what to do at the shower. A very modest bride is going to blush and be uncomfortable with anything involving lingerie, while a more outgoing, modern bride is going to be bored to tears by an afternoon tea.