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Even though all women get nervous butterflies over the first night that they spend with that someone special, it can be even more nerve-racking for plus-sized ladies. This is why plus size lingerie is such an important part of any plus-sized lady’s wardrobe. Like any other female, plus-sized women want to feel confident and sexy the first time that their man sees them without clothing. One way to do this is to find lingerie that conceals and tucks in the tummy without looking like “grandma wear.” One-piece teddies can accomplish this task, since they are supposed to cover the entire midsection. Another aspect that can make plus-sized lingerie the right choice for women is carefully placed bows, lace, and other cute details that take a man’s attention away from any “trouble spots.” It’s up to the wearer to decide what works best for them. Remember, the right lingerie is crucial to making or breaking a romantic evening.