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What woman doesn’t love to flirt? It’s nice to play at sexual innuendos and teasing in a fun way with your mate. It’s also fun to dress up and wear different outfits and pieces of lingerie to entice your mate with. It’s also a lot of fun to go shopping for sexy lingerie. Who doesn’t love looking at all the fishnet stockings and sheer chemises available in a lingerie store? Today’s lingerie comes in so many different styles and colors it’s impossible to choose what you want. A lot of the lingerie items can also be worn as everyday intimate apparel. Chemises come in a lot of soft sexy designs and are perfect to wear with a business suit to make you feel more feminine. You can also wear sexy little panties under your work clothes and no one will know except you. That also adds a little sensual spiciness to your everyday life. With today’s selection of intimates, a woman can feel feminine and flirty anywhere she happens to be.


Is your husband in need some some romance? Check out these 10 ideas for a great Valentine’s Day: 1) Breakfast in bed. Set your alarm a few minutes early, brew some coffee, and bring him breakfast in bed. 2) Write a quick “I love you” on the mirror while he’s in the shower. 3) Tuck a note mentioning specific accomplishments into his briefcase or lunch. Inspire him! 4) Send him out for a guilt-free night with the boys. 5) Cook a special meal for him for dinner. Is he a steak fan? Pick up a nice steak on the way home from work and let him grill it up. Take care of the sides for him. 6) Send the kids to Grandma’s or send them to bed early. This is an evening just for the two of you. 7) Don’t wear your usual flannel pyjamas to bed. Surprise him with a nice bra or sheer chemise. 8) Massages can be incredibly relaxing- consider taking a couples’ massage course so you can both learn! 9) You can never go wrong with a new set of tools or a free class from a hardware store. Make him feel manly! 10) Craft a homemade gift certificate for any of the above! Try any or all of these tips for a great and inexpensive Valentine’s day!