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There can be no doubt that fashion has evolved in the direction of sheerer, lighter, more like skin, less like architecture. The first nightgowns were developed in the 15th century, after textiles became cheaper and at the very beginning of industrialization. Before that period, most people only had 3 sets of clothing, and sleeping in one’s attire was not unusual. By the 18th century the nascent middle class was developing a nighttime dress code, and only the lowest classes slept in their clothing or naked. The first sheer nightgown appeared on the scene in the 1950s after nylon production resumed for civilian consumption. It is an ironic fact that the war production of nylon goods resulted in overcapacity that was unused until fashion stepped in and called for a vogue of sheer sleepwear in the form of babydolls, negligees and sheer pajamas.There can be no doubt that fashion has evolved.


You need to get things for valentines. Ok, you are maybe sick of the same-old-stuff. But many women are extremely classically romantic. They may appreciate a pair of hiking boots or a simple home made card. But with romance novels being many women’s reading choice I am thinking the women who is into romance novels wants more time spent. What do I mean by that? Well, instead of a simple gift in a box, dinner and a movie the gifts and experience can be scattered throughout the day. Flowers or even a eCard sent to work to let her know of surprises ahead. If she likes your voice, then phone. After work she can be taken on a simple outing to any romantic place that you think she may like,even maybe a few hours of adventure in a place with a breathtaking view. Once home you can make a home cooked meal and then give her something like a sheer nightgown. She might think you are amazing, or just be tired with sore feat. So bring on the laughs if she is unhappy maybe? Just a thought that might count is OK usually though, I just think it might be nice to think a whole lot and show it!You need to get things for valentines.