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Many women who’ve been in a relationship or married several years no longer take time to buy and wear lingerie. One look in their underwear drawer and you notice that there are a lot of things that have seen better days. Bras and panties are faded and maybe the elastic has stretched out. When new ones are purchased they’re selected for their utilitarian value. This probably was not how their relationship began. Probably they used to dress up, or undress, for their men and the men just loved that. So if your relationship has gotten old, go out lingerie shopping and pick up several pairs of sheer panties and a couple of nightgowns in black and maybe red or other colors that your man prefers. Your relationship will begin to sizzle again because you’ve decided to relax on the comfort at least once in a while and make him feel as he did when you first knew him. It’s worth the effort if you want to keep things fresh and new. It will definitely surprise the man who’s been used to seeing you in the same old underwear and nightclothes.