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Well, being a dude, I don’t really know much about wedding flower arrangements – but I have seen a few nice ones. I really enjoy going to weddings and at my friend Al’s wedding he had great flower arrangements on each of the tables. I’m not sure what they were – but they were very bright colored and were great for this spring wedding. I guess the selection of flowers should be the key factor in preparing the arrangement.

When doing wedding flower arrangements, one must make sure that they went along with the rest of the décor and also make sure that they went with the season. I’d personally prefer neutral and earthy colored flowers for autumn weddings, bright refreshing colors for spring and summer, and cool white flowers for the winter. I’d also like to recommend doing your own wedding flower arrangements or finding a relative to help out instead of paying the overly inflated prices of a florist.

One of the most enjoyable parts of planning a wedding is choosing for the right flowers. They can really help set the mood and tone of the ceremony and reception. They can range from sleek and elegant to fun, carefree and bursting with color. They can be expensive, depending on the florist used and the type of flowers and whether or not they are in season.

Another option is to find someone who is good at wedding flower arrangement. This person should be willing to provide lessons and a chance to “do it yourself’. This can save a lot of money, and allow you to express your own creativity.

Another money-saving idea is to use the same flowers for the ceremony and the reception. Use sturdy vases to line the aisle, and then use the same vases as centerpieces at the reception. Another alternative is to use faux flowers, which can sometimes look very realistic.

These can be prepared ahead of time, and you don’t have to worry about them wilting before the wedding is over!