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Not too many years ago, when women would dress up they’d wear hose. That would mean a stocking for each individual leg that had to be held up somehow. Nylon stockings were a luxury, and they were purchased as such. Women loved the different shades you’d buy with the help of a salesperson, and men loved that the women wore garter belts to hold them up. Maybe that’s because there was always a little bit of skin left at the top of the leg where the garters met the top of the stocking. That made the women act more flirtatious and the men were left to imagine what all this was about. Skirts were longer then, so the imagination worked overtime thinking about the garter belts that might be embellished with lace or silk and worn under the skirts. Pantyhose came into fashion and, while they’re certainly more comfortable, they’re just not as flirtatious. If you want to spice things up and just feel more sexy, try buying yourself a pair of stockings and a garter belt. Let your man know what you’re doing. I’ll bet he’ll be interested and I’ll bet his imagination will start to work overtime. It probably won’t be an everyday occurrence, but it will be a nice solution every once in a while to relationship boredom.